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SONA, i-witness, & laptop theft July 29, 2008

Posted by pilibustero in Random Thoughts.

at the end of the day yesterday, these consumed my almost 16 hours of being awake and struggle through the day. i’m glad having shared for the fourth time the true ‘state of the nation address’ with the masses and marginalized sectors. while there was so much tasks to be accomplished at work, I made it a point to find my way to the protest action and partake with them in their rants and rage against the current government. like a religious tradition, the sona in the streets has become a spiritual activity for me. it adds to my psyche, some kind of restitution and renumeration from a whole year of work and joys, and adventures, being one with the people. while resenting the fact that those in power are feasting on lies and deceit at the house of representatives. the fact is, dissent continues.

speaking of lies and deceit, their relative– ‘theft’ made a mark yesterday. some unassuming professional thief/robber/burglar broke into my sis’ apartment and got her brand new presario laptop. moral lesson: (to the victims and criminals) never display your laptops in public. if possible, avoid using laptop bags [i usually use backpack whenever i adopt one]. most importantly, never ever be inspired by thieves in Malacanang.

before i settle in bed last night, howie severino warned me on the ill-effects of smoking over i-witness’ ‘boses upos‘. how unfortunate those featured lifetime smokers that gave up their vocal chord aka voice box, or die instantly with cancer. stern warnings:Anti tobacco– cigarettes smoking kills. stop smoking, now na! Smokers, Bingbong Crisologo, ilocos bloc, Lucio tan– the industry will suffer; freedom of leisure. GMA, Recto, BIR– we can’t survive without tobacco, papano na ang katas ng E-Vat ‘no?

July 28, is a date to remember.



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