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Departures July 30, 2008

Posted by pilibustero in Personal.

other than change and contradiction, everything in our midst are but temporal matters that pass on by the day. people come and go. we get acquainted with new experiences and later dispose them as memories. happiness fades, as sadness does. we want change in ourselves as others dramatically and some easily do. we want to depart from our present state and space to move on to other dimensions. we form landscapes favorable to us. we create kingdoms out of our dire sense of mystic. we make relationships out of extended meetings. we pursue on something new, of new beginnings. of constant change. but change isn’t absolute as truth. we delay change as much as we can make it happen in a moment’s spur. but change, like departure in itself has contradictions. we cannot move on unless we resolve personal contradictions and inconsistencies; and uphold principles and viewpoints resolute to the recurring clash of minds and values and apprehensions, and reservations.

at the end of the day, we are caught unchanged, and still strangled in our own contradictions.



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