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Rationale Assimilation of Pain August 1, 2008

Posted by pilibustero in Random Thoughts.

i had a whole night of guilt reckoning upon inflicting pain on people. this realization ate me by the wee hours, rendering an uncomfortable sleep. this crop up following an engaging moment with some soon-to-be organizational peers. while i have clearly recognized the nonsense there is in making life difficult for these few bold individuals in view of the existing social structure, human nature has it on me that only in creating friction among neutral entities that we can solicit reaction and kindle wisdom. this is no sadist state, as it does not involved physical pain, rather a passive way of deliverance from one’s frailties.

Dr. Scott Peck, a noted psychoanalyst placed stress on incurring and concurring pain as aid to one’s emancipation. he qualified that pain and its gratification is a spiritual exercise, thus it is not indicative of any odd occurrence.

however this selection does not justify in totality my actuations. beyond control and consciousness that they responded to the stimulus i effected. thus i conclude, i am in no way inflicting pain to them. their reaction does.

still i remorse to have them shed tears. maybe again due to anatomical tendencies. the underlining culpability from my end is that, i never meant to fixate their emotions. but when they did, pain strucked me in doubles.



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