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Job Row August 6, 2008

Posted by pilibustero in Personal.

today is a decisive one. at least at work. for the past four months or so, it was only today did i incur so much anger to a superior that so far, again workwise, did i experience the most embarrassing moment so far.  for whatever valid  or rational reason there is, the point is, i was upset by the way i was treated with his kind of reaction. it was for me, uncalled for. right in front of a top official in our mother agency, a lawyer, and those incessant to have observed, it was again, mean on my part. i had all the time to assert and insist my self, but with due respect to his post that i remained silent and numb. from my end, i have done my part, and in good faith, that i exhausted my effort to secure a camera for the event that transpired today. my assumption is that, if only for the writeup that i need to write, then maybe we could secure a picture from somewhere else. but to insist on something that is way beyond the bounds of availability and practicality, is a again way above my personal tolerance. in the meantime, i remain  in maximum tolerance.



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