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Recollections August 7, 2008

Posted by pilibustero in Personal.

I have an interest in anything under the sun. General information that is. My mother recalls that I literally grew with books on my side. Coloring and storybooks alike. Such that the moment I learned reading, it became a habit for me to read. The habit became so addictive that whenever I went to the confines of the comfort room, I have with me anything that can be read. I can well remember the time when mother bought a volume of Grolier encyclopedia. My whole elementary days, I spent it browsing through the pages of the entries inside. Indeed, encyclopedias then are wonders. I’m no whiz or gifted child, but without really anything to exhaust my power on, I can’t help but settle for books and readable materials. It has been a byword when I was young that even a scrap sheet of newspaper used to wrap a dried fish is not spared from my eyes. Yet that was a thing of the past. Maybe that is why, when I started college, I already have a hard time finishing a book. I may have inclinations and curiosity with J.K. Rowling, but I let them pass due to a shorten span of focus. I’d rather watch a movie remake of their story than finishing a tumultuous read. Though I now settle with Coelho and Garcia Marquez. At an early age of 8, I can well enumerate countries of the worlds, their capitals, and currencies. That was possible out of my own desire to master what I’ve been reading time and again. I used to ask my siblings to test my memory. Before I finished elementary, I was attuned to current events and politics. When we had our first television set, my attention shifted to watching TV shows, particularly current and public affairs shows. Except for Popeye, Tom and Jerry and their immediate predecessors, I really haven’t been into cartoon or anime. Watching serious shows such as news programs that I was adept in current political and world situations. I was able to master the names of every cabinet official under Ramos and Estrada presidency. Not to mention presidents and heads of states of key countries in the world. I am envious watching Battle of the Brains over RPN since only students from the metropolis can actually join in. Though I’ve been a consistent contender in school up to provincial level competitions, but topics that are diverse as general information is something I wanted that time. Again, those were the things of the past. During my university years did I fully materialize these wants. I was able to take part in various campus based quiz competitions organized by student organizations. Fortunately though, we were able, along with my teammates, to come out as winners in some of these competitions. Much to our dismay sometimes, we place as runner-ups and even robbed of the grand prize for some technical reasons. All these victories and the upsets that added wisdom to my concept of attaining one’s desire and emerging victorious of something you want to do. Not to mention the monetary incentive which is somehow of big help in daily sustenance. Until now, I still have the urge to engage in these activities. I am more eager not only for prize, but for the satisfaction in reliving my childhood.



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