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Yearbook Passage August 28, 2008

Posted by pilibustero in Random Thoughts.

reposted from my yearbook writeup:

“The greater feat is choosing the often lonely path of conviction, preferring to embrace principle rather than false company” 

Behold the rhetoric of the day, Edge is incessant to hold on these words. Summing up his standpoints, personal convictions, and orders of the day, he will remain faithful in the struggle with the people. That is, his sober side. 

For by ‘freak’ circumstance, Edge is a guy next door. That is, when you’re on the brink of downfall and the rest are thrashing in their comforts, he is right outside your door ready and vigorous to attend to. A not so stereotype ‘corny’, he cracks seemingly mean to frantic humour. Nevertheless, he lingers on being nice to everyone, projecting to be the shy-type but ejects his jolly side when cracked. 

A relative conversationalist, he’s [now] able to speak in public as lowly as he could, and exceptionally in non-accentuated Tagalog (that’s a feat). Who would have thought that he’s a full-bloodied Cebuano-Ilonggo? 

Still more of Edge, he’s unofficially a reference person, at least for anything under the sun. He has good catches in current events, politics, bit of sports, and a bunch in entertainment, but definitely not Math and Stat. Discourse on relevant topics is also a main course, even up late. And his stay in college wouldn’t have been that colorful and equally fulfilling without the inspiring struggles of students and ordinary people. 

Yet, inspite of the many breaks and throughs, he remains isolated to human nature. Potent and vibrant that he has achieved so much, but ‘love’. And in solitude, he longs for the nicest instance that came about. 




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