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On their behalf (Open Letter from the People of Sitio Kabute) September 25, 2008

Posted by pilibustero in Politics & Society.

21 September 2008


Warm Greetings!

We are indigent residents of Sitio Kabute, Brgy. Real, Calamba City composed of 150 families, which at present is facing an impending threat of displacement from our homes in view of the forced demolition order perpetrated by Metrobank.

The area has been our peaceful abode in the past three decades. We raised our families there and it’s strategic to our line of livelihood as dispatchers, tricycle drivers, vendors, and laborers among others.

But in January this year, we were alarmed by a written notice declaring our land as property of Metrobank, purportedly through a land title dated only in 2006. We are suspicious of the fact that for a long time, no party has claimed ownership to it. But due to intimidation and given our meager understanding of the law, we voluntarily demolished our homes. Left with no option to relocate but with understanding of our fundamental right to abode, we decided to regain possession of our land and settled back.

Subsequently, in the past 8 months, we faced systematic forms of harassments from private security elements of Metrobank to force us to vacate our land.  But these dirty tactics only pushed us to unite and organize ourselves and defend our right to our land.

Unfortunately, last September 11, the Regional Trial Court of Calamba, through Judge Alberto Serrano handed a decision notifying us to vacate the land and ordering demolition of our homes.

Hence, at present we are faced with a legal battle, notwithstanding the fact that we are really short of finances to sustain this tough challenge in court. We‘ve already conducted protests to concerned government offices instrumental in setting up Metrobank’s claim. Anytime this week, the people of Sitio of Kabute will face a violent demolition, thus we set up a Camp Out in the area as a common place and outright defense whenever the demolition is at hand.

In this regard, we appeal for financial, material, and moral support to sustain our fight for right to land and decent homes. We are also inviting you to visit the area to further understand our plight.

We hope for your kind understanding and support.

For the people of Sitio Kabute,




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