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when time is your accomplice & bits of satisfaction November 10, 2008

Posted by pilibustero in Personal.

a relatively challenging moment has finally passed at work. though it wasn’t that excellent, anyhow, we still were able to deliver just on time and get through the tiring and tedious process of writing, editing, and publishing (dev’t journalism @ work). but the most fulfilling of all is seeing your output. i don’t care so much of what others would make out of the materials, all that preoccupies me now is the thought that time is till with me. this has to do with me, being a chronic crammer. i remembered my first ever job interview in the university, with a former professor as the interviewee. when asked on my ‘work ethics’, i answered with sincere conviction that i am indeed a crammer (but, can deliver anyway). i haven’t heard from them since then. yet, with the right timing, i fitted myself in a more rewarding job under the UN framework here in the Philippines, bringing with me the same conviction. six months have passed and everything went on the right way, which brought me to my current work crisis*. so last Friday, our agency’s anniversary was a success. our outputs were among those that were distributed to the regions and other sectoral partners. however they’ll take it, i’m hopeful that it would somehow make a difference to them (stakeholders). in the meantime, i remain a crammer. i know that with the right timing and some amounts of luck, i can pull off the remaining tasks ahead. i just hate the idea that some people, to include bosses, would impose on you as regards cramming and time management. while i recognize their point, i remain loyal to my instinct that ‘if you want something done right, do it your way, by yourself.’

*work crisis refers to a personal description of a workplace and corresponding terms of reference.



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