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Of Lives in Passing and Enforced Demise December 4, 2008

Posted by pilibustero in Personal.

Yesterday, mayet- our lowly but cute hamster succumbed to which I believe is extreme cold, hunger and dehydration. She has been with us for only roughly a month and in that short time, I got to appreciate the wonder there is in life, as lived by the little creature. While it is inevetable to die, the way on how to succumb to death is relatively not a fixed variable, hence, we can intervene somewhere. Indeed, guilt ate me seeing the lifeless cadaver of that poor rodent in his cage. I am partly to be blamed for her untimely death probably because I was too poor to deal with animals, not to mention the preoccupations of her owner. I coudn’t help but reflect upon the current horror and hardships experienced by refugees in war ravaged Darfur, Somalia and Congo, and the internal refugees in the promise lands of Mindanao and the mountains of Mindoro and Quezon. And to think that majority and the worst affected victims of these human-induced disasters are children, whose hopes are now compromised unwillingly by selfishness and neglect by government. Like mayet, their future are under fire. They will remain uncertain of how long will there be imminent threats to their life and property, of trauma and stresses, all because of neglect.

Early last night, my sister texted me  that our uncle has died. With a delayed correspondence, I was trying to create scenarios of the cause of his death to somehow console me. I was thinking that he as a drinker/ drunkard, probably died of natural causes, or being a retired police officer, some revengeful personality might have shoot him at gun point or in ambush. Later I would learn that he was killed in a road mishap. The motorcycle he was driving bumped into a raging fish carrier track head on. He died on the spot. I was stunned. Immediatle I called up her for details. I was anxious with how his family, my pseudo cousins and most of all, his wife, would take this tragic loss.  Indeed, death comes in no man’s time. All I’m sure at the moment is that we are in deep grief. And I could only imagine the remorse and sadness of my mother on his adored ‘pariente’. May he rest in peace.



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