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Cuts, bruises and struggles December 28, 2008

Posted by pilibustero in Random Thoughts.

December 10 was a wishful and decisive day for the many victims of givernment-led human rights violations, particularly in Southern Tagalog. Various sectors from the region held a 2-day human rights caravan which commenced in Lucena City, the base of a military infantry and on Dec 10, the group pushed for Mendiola. I was with them. I volunteered for the video documentation in the first day and the following day, supposedly to assist in the program flow and doing the emcee work. It was  clear and promising day for me, to see the masses putting their foot forward to redress their grievances to the government. Not until, while approaching EDSA, another vehicle from our right rear without warning cut us off sending the truck to a complete halt. Unfortunately, I was standing that time. The acceleration led me to bump my face, actualoly nose, point blank into a pointed and rusty metal. And the blood flowed persistently, rendering some sort of nausea. It took another 30 minutes to actually stop and carefully examine the injury. Only then did I also learned of the gravity of the cut, deep into my nose. In no time, I decided to proceed to the nearest hospital for treatment. And in the next 4 four hours, I had my first operation by stitching, and spent some amount for the antibiotic. Nonetheless, the simple incident was a lesson rightful to be learned. More so, I was disheartened for not having been withour group and be one with the people in the remainder of the day. I could only wish them the best of what people in unity can mean for change. In the meantime, I remain faithful with my stance. This is but glitches along the way. Very simple compared to the instrumentalities employed by individuals who have fought for years, with their life.



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