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Lonely in Qatar April 15, 2009

Posted by pilibustero in Personal, Random Thoughts.
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qatar20airways-mindre1I had a short online exchanges last night with an erstwhile classmate and close buddy. She works as a flight attendant for Qatar’s flag carrier. The last time we were together was roughly two years ago. And during our pleasantries and catching ups, she made mention of the boredom and loneliness being away from home. Well, she was redundant in that sense, and I am greatly sympathetic with her. It is but a modern day reality for Filipinos to explore foreign horizons for greener pastures (read: OFWs). And in return for meager dollar earnings are sweat and emotional torture, if not blood and life. But of course, hers is of unique kind. Only a chosen a few are able to land on such a rewarding job. Banking on social networks– facebook, etc., she hopes to ease the stresses that’s eating her. Though she has already roamed the world and the skies, the solitary feeling of living away from your family and home cannot surmount any feeling of sacrifice. She’s been working there for almost two year now and I can feel the saturation there is in space and distance. But I’m stil confident that she can manage it all the way, the strong and sophisticated way. I know she’ll be fine there. She should or we’ll not be fine at all. e



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