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Inconvenient encounter April 25, 2009

Posted by pilibustero in Personal.

I can’t help but have these mental notes posted here to be up with the time.

I just had a very inconvenient encounter with an erstwhile  classmate back in college who just graduated this afternoon.

Backtrack. We just came from elbi’s graduation and went for a late dinner with brods & sisses. Due to the unprecedented influx of people (due to the occasion) in restaurants and eating place of many sorts, we decided to settle in a carinderia (which by the way is a favorite choice in tipid moments).

So we were there and incidentally, I bumped into that classmate who I can’t even remember his name. He was with three middle to old aged persons which I assume was his  parents. We exchanged pleasantries, and from a far  i learned that he actually came from the commencement ceremonies. And it all sank to me that they were actually in the middle of celebrating his graduation, right in that lowly place. So to pacify my anxiousness, I approached him yet again to confirm and extended a hand. But inside me I was becoming uncomfortable. I was  hurting but equally happy to see and share with their happiness and the simplicity in their eyes, while thinking of the more* lucky graduates of well-off backgrounds.

Then it all came to me those times that we were classmates in at least two subjects. And in those brief times, I remembered having small chats with him before class and already had some idea of  the simplicity over and above his person.And I assume I have confirmed it today. But then again, more than the issue of status and persuasions, I was reminded of the stereotype accorded to this occasion; where families are sharing the moment in some high end restaurants or some special place. And here they are partaking the least that they can come up with. Yet again, this is a glaring example of struggle, of classes and in the system of society. Simple as it may seem, but taking off from their experience, we can relate the many others who fell short of the expectations, or rather dictate of society for the simple and inevitable reasons that they fall prey to its system. That they already bound to be poor so to say. Maybe I;m not right here but at this is again a point of realization and affirmation where I am coming from and where I am standing right now. Becoming part of a broad struggle for a genuine change of society where equality reigns.

Reminiscing what transpired this evening gave me some feeling of inconvenience, sighs, and humbleness.

*supposedly luckier but I prefer it this way



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