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Stride, resilience and industry May 12, 2009

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The past 68 days were a witness to the strides i made until the next payday. Bureaucratic glitches and red tape hampered the fast-tracking of our program’s budget, thus the delay in my contract and came the domino effect. So literally, my budget the past two months was so tight that I really had to be creative out of available sources as possible.

My meager savings only suited the rental for our apartment for March. I have no way but reach out to my mother for rescue came April. In between, I relied solely on receivables from friends whom I have lended some amount. All through out, I did  sideline works which somehow aided my meals and groceries.

Then came the offer of my supervisor, shelling her extra money for my temporary allowance. But shy that I am, I never dared actually approaching her, and to my relief that she’s always the one asking me.

Asked on how I  survived by the day, I only smile with pride that I was going through this yet ongoing test of  independence and self-reliance. Unlike my colleagues of my age, I have no immediate family around or for any matter enough investment to fill up the gaps. I am here all alone filled with determination and dynamism to explore and engage the strifes of the world.

For now, I am excited by the fact that there are still more of this kind of ordeal, and by that time, I’ve become more resilient and can wholly stand on my  feet.



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