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Romancing the Sun: Siquijor tour June 8, 2009

Posted by pilibustero in Personal.

Just before classes starts, we had a four-day official outing so to say in Central Visayas. Our office was forced to close last week as we took our TORs in the field without pressure and worries. Indeed all went as planned and we enjoyed the whole duration of our four-destination trip, namely Dumaguete, Siquijor, Bohol, and Cebu.


It’s my second time in this one-time smallest  province in the country only for a stop over, hence, my excitement is equally flowing given our packaged tour ahead. It only took us around 3 hours to tour the  whole island’s six towns. In between, we had stops at each town’s attractions. In Maria, we took a view of a very relaxing natural spring pool. For lunch, we had a stop at Coco Grove Beach Resort in San Juan town.

Interestingly, this hidden wonder boasts of its five-star diving services and spots. Not to mention the crystal- clear waters and white sand, which sparkles against the radiant sky. Its isolation also adds up to the relaxing feel.

The next town meanwhile offered us due amounts of spiritual experience upon entering what is considered as the oldest Catholic convent in Asia, the St Isidore convent in Lazi whose main feature is a tunnel connecting the convent and the church, at least 200 meters apart.

Completing our brief peek of the island was  taking the 135-steps trail down to the 3-level Cambugahay Falls still in Lazi.

Indeed, Siquijor offers a uniquely enchanting experience. Its natural wonders, colorful history, preserved culture, and rural ambiance are reflective of its mystic beauty.

Next stop, Dumaguete.



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