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Pre-occupations June 29, 2009

Posted by pilibustero in Personal.
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I was battered with all sorts of pre-occupation the past weeks that I couldn’t anymore find time updating this page. In literal sense, I mean. This is work related. I’m seriously busy with our recent (and upcoming) activities. This a bit awkward sense I’m not really used in staying too long in the office (OT) but these past days, I did things I never did before. Maybe because I am obliging myself due to a prior arrangement with our boss on our gradskul class. Or maybe, I’m really, slowly transforming. I mean in observing work ethics so to say or at least in managing or maximing my time in which I am paid for. But weighing against my services rendered I am confident that I did justice all the time in what I do. I managed to deliver my outputs usually just on time. So I mean why rush things and why fall bait to pre-occupations. The old saying goes, “don’t wait for tomorrow with what you can do for today”. For me its actually a case-to-case basis. Remember that there’s always no tomorrow for old men, but for young ones, as I see it, anticipating tomorrow equals the excitement of today. So better yet, I let go of these pre-occupations and just enjoy the tomorrows without really so much worries and pressures. Let’s see.



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