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Apologies and Making ups August 13, 2009

Posted by pilibustero in Personal.

I’d like to convince myself that I did the rightful turn when I delayed a previous commitment for a birthday dinner with a friend. I was caught in between going out and staying briefly (actually it was way too long) for an equally worthy meeting. bdaycakeBut then damage has been done. I came terminally short of the waiting time forcing her to just spend the time with somebody else. Everything just happened so spontaneously that our discussion in the meeting went with emotions, and so our presence there was equally necessary, thus my decision to stay. On the other side of the fence, I can well imagine her disappointment (or rather the anger). But then again, I have to decide on where to go, and the condition enjoins me to stay. Anyway, we still have 2 or 3hours to spend with, probably over coffee or bevs before her day ends. I should understand her when I learned she was already home by the time we were done. And taking the blame and guilt, I rushed to her for some explanation (btw, I seldom do this).  Good thing, I still had her over sticks of Marlboro black where she unloaded her frustrations, thereby torturing me just enough. I owe you one dear. And I’d make up for that.



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