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Passing away too soon, too close August 21, 2009

Posted by pilibustero in Personal.

Death really comes in no time, for so many reasons and in no particular order. Sometimes, it takes your love ones to vanish in the face of the earth in a spur of a moment. And at times, it takes a sweep.

My sadness and anxiety doubled just now, upon hearing yet another death in the family. Just Tuesday last week, a cousin was interd his resting place after he drowned due to surging flood waters in a nearby creek by their farm hut.

Then comes this text message from my sister breaking me the bad news.Succumbing to some internal complications was his older brother, kuya dodo.

I just can’t imagine how nanay sita is feeling right now, losing 2 sons in just a matter of 2 weeks. The same goes with mama who has been very close to them despite the spatial distance.

I’d like to pay a visit to them, but monetary constraintswon’t allow me. In the immediate, mama and papa would represent us there. We could only say prayers and hopes that everything would go the way it should go and best for best them.

As I said, the anxiety has doubled. My mind is playing right now, that probably in the next lifetime, we’ll see each other.The fact being, I won’t be there to condole with his family, esp my nephews and nieces. Worse, I wouldn’t not see them ever in warm and cold blood. And for that, everything wouldn’t be the same again comes our planned reunion sometime soon. May you rest in peace!



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