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Lingering stresses October 27, 2009

Posted by pilibustero in Personal.
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Yet again. I’m not tired of worrying on whoever, but my family. Another relative has been involved in an accident and is now facing serious charges and threats of prosecution and threats. The thing is I think I’m the closest (in proximity) relative he had in Manila since he hails from Davao. He’s here (actually based in Subic) for some rewarding job. Not until he figured in an accident involving hiss vehicle (a reconditioned car he bought from Subic, known for surplus & smuggled vehicles). Accidents indeed happen but in his case, a malfunction in the machine or parts has rendered the car to lose its breaks and bumped into several other vehicles. Now the scenario is that damages cost him a huge amount of money. Worst, he learned that some of those  supposedly victims have been adding trump up damages in their vehicles, thereby increasing their monetary claims. This forced him to temporarily seek a safer abode due to grave threats from the victims.  Now while facing this dilemma, he was also trying to point the blame to the sub-standard condition of the vehicle. With this, I was able to secure contact infos with a lawmaker from Subic area to at least brought up his case. Right now, I’m trying to reach out to consumer advocates/agencies and raise this concern.

Initially, I wasn’t blaming him for patronizing these vehicles knowing that the LGU or SBMA for that matter allows it inside its jurisdiction, meaning its legitimate. And a wiser reason is that its relatively cheaper compared to brand new units. On second thought, I was also thinking that this would serve as a stern warning to those with vehicles from the same source and those who still plan to acquire in such arrangements to reconsider their plans.

Still I’m hopeful that he can pass this through. Right now I’m helpless and stressed  pondering on this,  seemingly due to an impending threat primarily on his safety. On top of a busy and tiring work sked, this worries me everytime my mother reminds  me to attend to this glitch. tsk



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