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i suppose its the end of the road February 4, 2010

Posted by pilibustero in Personal.
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No hesitations that I made contact with you. Since five months ago, I promised myself to temporarily divest of the feeling. Although I have fought myself to be able to free my mind of the idea of you, it seems I was fooling just around the past two years. For every time the idea cross my mind, I can’t help but think of it over again and again.

And then you were here in no time. And I can’t help but yearn again, even though for the bleak times I see you around, I keep on chasing pavement, the way guilty people does. It must be for that same reason why I placed an arterial wall before us. It is really futile after all. And with no where to go, I ran to this space, and exhaust my feelings of fear and longing.

I am fond of listening on you, with what you are fond of doing– story telling of wits and wisdom. But now things are really different. You were already on the otherside of the road this time. Perhaps its the lane where really want to be and rode on the trip of your life.

The acute perspiration, coupled by the trembles and the tremors are all worth it. That I can say is the most honest words that speak of myself, without uttering it.

For now, i suppose its over.



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