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Into the elections May 19, 2010

Posted by pilibustero in Personal, Politics & Society.
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Elections is over yet the fever that it created lingered in the psyche of Filipinos here and abroad. Some are pretty well in high spirits, while some are in deep frustrations and upset. Just the same, everything came to pass, and we’re to reality. But the past three months had been a tough, albeit not too rigid as with my comrades in the struggle.

Doing part-time campaign work is the most that I can do, although I made it a point to skip office work for some urgent activities (read: sorties). I have high hopes that at least one of our candidates in the senatorial race would land in the top 20, if not in the magic 12 (Satur or Liza), but it seems there is still a lot to be done in terms of reorienting voter’s preference, and that is through education. It was not an outright upset for me, but rather a learning experience personally because we were not able to really push our strength and efforts to the limits in the campaign. There were a lot of misses vis-a-vis our ideal plan. And that’s where I am upset.

As I said, the past elections was a learning experience. And so I take it personally to reflect on my performance as a conscious agent of progressive change in this country. For now, we’re back on track. The real and major struggle continues…



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