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Falling All Over June 25, 2010

Posted by pilibustero in Personal.
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June is certainly one of my serious months so far of the year, at least personally. The past three weeks saw my outright decision to pause from schooling (at least for a sem) to focus on my work which now requires longer working time and field activities and the usual, financial setbacks. I never thought of taking the break until the enrollment time came and found myself off-positioned in dealing with studies.

Then came the news of some frightening health concerns at home, involving my brother. Fortunately, the latest lab results gained a negative, but the need for a longer resting period cost him his job. And as of posting time, a nephew is in the hospital.

I mean seriously, by the month it was tragedy all over. And I can’t help but worry and get affected at the very least. This is I think is a case of grand conspiracy of life and the prize of keeping your self in control of things when all else are out of hand. I don’t know if my stress vitamins could make some changes.

And then there’s the stimulus. Biting off every bit of my senses yet, confusing me in no time. I’m fairly hoping that there’ll be no falling out this time,



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