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Self-Certified Runner November 9, 2010

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Some say running (as against sprint) is pathetic.Just because we are capable of doing it anytime we want doesn’t makes it less of a sport, all the more a hobby. Actually, it has been prescribed not just as a fitness activity but a competitive sport and advocacy activity. I was one of those who considered this as some unchallenging activity, until I joined a certain run-for-a-cause activity. My view was completely altered and I’m one of the many now who are into running (including fun walk/trekk). And by the day, I am trying to surpass my performance. Let me share here some of my engagements in running:

Makiling Trekathon Fun Trekking for Mt Makiling 18 April 2010
Distance: 5 Kilometers
Is a fun trekking event that aims to enhance understanding and awareness about Mount Makiling -its conservation status and importance. Its objective is to raise funds for the rehabilitation of some eroded slopes and hiking trails that were damaged by strong typhoons in the last three years.

Biodiversity Run 2010T 04 September 2010
Distance: 5 Kilometers
The Biodiversity Run 2010 is an advocacy race aimed at promoting the rich biodiversity of Mt. Makiling Forest and nearby ecosystems. The race promotes road running as an affordable avenue to physical fitness, mental well-being, ecological awareness, and enhancement of local tourism.

Distance: 10 kilometers (Ayala Ave-MOA Seaside)
A fun-run to come together and rally for one common cause – to save Ilog Pasig and give the coming generations a clear future. It will also attempt to break the Guiness World Record for the most fun-run runners.

This is by far the most exhausting run I had so far. The prize being, an injured ankle and fatigues-induced fever.

NEXT STOP, RUN-4UR-Rice on 28 November.

*Bows to the PCARRD Mountaineering and Outdoor Club and PCARRD Management



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