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NOYNOYING. Busy Doing Nothing March 18, 2012

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by Max Santiago


The In-Glorious 2004 & 2007 Elections: The Militants Were Right July 29, 2011

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Seven years after the controversial and fraud-ridden 2004 Presidential Elections, the skeletons are again coming out of the closet– a purported deluge of truths and facts preserved in the heads of suspended ARMM governor Zaldy Ampatuan and former Maguindanao Election Supervisor Lentang Bedol, among others. They alleged and corroborated the events and the conspiracy leading to the 2004 and 2007 elections and ensuring that Gloria Arroyo and Miguel Zubiri in 2007 win the race.

Just the other day, several police officers floated and affirmed the truth behind the massive fraud claiming that they were directly involved in the switching of ballots inside the Batasan Complex where the Presidential Board of Canvassers convened and proclaimed Arroyo, et. al.

Without the benefit of judicial trial, public opinion again was refreshed by the idea that indeed there was fraud in 2004 and media commentaries fall on this hype. But seven years, hence, Arroyo is still in power and sits as representative of Pampanga, and still free of any charges initiated by government.

With these new exposes, our honorable senators and congressmen, with the exception of a few, right away pushed for investigations left and right for the sake of truth. But if you look closely, they are the same faces who in one way or another out-rightly defended Arroyo or played it safe, abstained, or preserved their asses from political complications then and decided to stay out of the picture, including the Liberal Party.

While in the streets, the militants and progressive groups led by Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN) are consistently calling for GMA’s ouster as against resignation calls by the late Cory Aquino and some social democrats. But some quarters suggested to just let Arroyo finish her term. While other people dismissed them. Despite public clout for her ouster, the trapos, the reactionary police and armed forces, including the CBCP were silent and in fact were made instruments of fraud and apathy.

And so seven year, hence, the Aquino regime is overwhelmed by the magnitude of corruption and shenanigans left by the previous regime. Those Filipinos who fall victim to complacency and apathy at the height of the call for Arroyo’s ouster couldn’t blame anything or anyone but themselves, for deliberately tolerating Arroyo’s abuses in power. For staying at home and just be updated of the news and posting updates in their Friendster and Facebook pages. They let history come to pass. For now, the reality is that the Filipinos was robbed of a genuine president, a senator and billions of pesos in corruption.

Move on. It’s easier said than done, when everyday people die in hunger or succumbed to treatable illnesses and children couldn’t go to school because of mis-allocation of budget and of course, corruption, you can’t just move on, and forgive and forget.

For the militants and progressive, social justice means accountability and prosecution. On the first day of PNoy’s term, BAYAN and other groups filed plunder cases against Arroyo, while other private individual and groups followed suit. One year after PNoy in office, no cases were pursued against the honorable representative of Pampanga. I don’t know what is timing for Ombudsman or DOJ, or maybe they are still hoping for a new kind of Truth Commission. But with the resources at his disposal, PNoy should once and for all, prioritize the prosecution and ensure conviction of Arroyo and her cohorts.

But until then, one thing is certain that seven years after the 2004 elections, the militants and progressive groups were right.