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2011 Bar Exam Results February 29, 2012

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Congrats to our new lawyers, SERVE THE PEOPLE!

2011 Bar Exam Results


Verbatim: Hacienda Luisita row July 14, 2011

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Our action here today is not simply about Hacienda Luisita or a particular stock distribution plan. Our recognition of the right under the Constitution of those who till the land to steward it is the Court’s marching order to dismantle the feudal tenurial relations that for centuries have shackled them to the soil in exchange for a pitiful share in the fruits, and install them as the direct or collective masters of the domain of their labor. It is not legal, nor moral, to replace their shackles with mere stock certificates or any other superficial alternative.

Chief Justice Renato Corona, in his dissenting opinion in Hda. Lusita, Inc. vs PARC/DAR/AMBALA